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San Diego CRMP Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional

Why Choose to Work With a CRMP On Your Reverse Mortgage?

(Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional)


Let's face it, the decision to get a reverse mortgage or not is a big one.  You have many options and choices as well as alternatives to a reverse mortgage that should be considered.  Who you work with and where you get the information to make that choice matters a lot.

 If you remodeled your home or needed emergency repairs you would probably seek out a home improvement expert in that area of repair. If you had a critical medical situation you would rely on an specialist in that field and probably not a general practitioner. The same holds true for financial decisions.  The more experience the person you select to work with means the more reliable the information they provide you.

While there are many in the mortgage world who "dabble" in reverse mortgages amongst all kinds of other loans, there are a select few that have chosen to pursue the CRMP designation - striving for superior knowledge, service and ethical standards in the reverse mortgage world.

CRMP stands for "Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional".  Currently in 2023 there are only about 200 people nationwide who have achieved this milestone designation.  John Correll is a local San Diego CRMP who dedicates himself exclusively to reverse mortgages.

John Correll CRMP - Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional


“John is one of 155 individuals (back in 2017)  with the Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional designation. As a CRMP, he has demonstrated knowledge and competency in the area of reverse mortgage lending, and is dedicated to upholding high standards of ethical and professional practice in the industry." said Peter Bell, President and CEO of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association.


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If you are here, you probably are exploring or have some questions about reverse mortgages.  I absolutely love taking the time to make sure all your questions get answered.  Together we can take a look at what a reverse may or may not be able to offer you.  There is so much misinformation out there about reverse mortgages and you deserve an expert who can help demystify things for you so you can make a wise choice for yourself and your family.

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John Correll, CRMP

Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional

NMLS #1004396, 2484031

CA Dept Real Estate - Broker #01353105, #02214678

4025 Camino Del Rio South Suite 321 San Diego, CA 92108


(619) 294-9820   |   (888) 603-1550

San Diego CRMP Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional

John Correll, CRMP

(888) 603-1550   |  (619) 294-9820

Allow me to put my 25 years lending experience and the knowledge that comes with being a CRMP to work for you or someone you care about.

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John Correll, CRMP
Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional
NMLS #1004396, 2484031

CA Bur of Real Estate - Real Estate Broker #10353015, 02214678

Accurate Reverse Mortgage Corp.

(619) 294-9820
Toll Free (888) 603-1550
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San Diego, CA 92108

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