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As a distinguished reverse mortgage company in California, Accurate Reverse Mortgage Corp. proudly holds membership with the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA). Our commitment to adhering to their stringent standards and code of conduct ensures that we prioritize the interests of seniors and their families.

Certified Reverse Mortgage Professionals


At our company, Accurate Reverse Mortgage Corp., we are proud to have John Correll, a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional, leading our team. With his expertise and experience, we guarantee top-notch guidance and service for our clients throughout the reverse mortgage process in California.


Consumer Safeguards for Reverse Mortgages in California


We have implemented robust consumer safeguards to provide seniors in California with peace of mind and protection as they navigate the reverse mortgage journey.


Personalized Reverse Mortgage Consultations


We prioritize personal, one-on-one consultations with our Reverse Mortgage Professionals. By analyzing the unique needs of each senior candidate, we can recommend reverse mortgage options that are practical and well-suited for their specific circumstances in California.


Comprehensive Cost Analysis and Comparison Breakdown


To empower our clients to make informed decisions, we provide a printed Reverse Mortgage Comparison Breakdown and Closing Cost Worksheet. These detailed documents include a comprehensive cost analysis, which we meticulously review with clients, ensuring they fully understand the various options and benefits of different reverse mortgage scenarios available in California.


Encouragement to Seek Advice

We strongly encourage all senior candidates to seek advice from their loved ones, including family, friends, and financial or legal advisors. By involving trusted individuals in the decision-making process, seniors gain valuable insights and can make well-rounded choices regarding their reverse mortgage in California.


Reverse Mortgage Counseling Session and Streamlined Application


Following the review of our proposal and addressing initial questions, borrowers participate in a independent counseling session with a Hud-approved housing counselor before completing a streamlined written application. This process allows seniors to receive additional guidance and have any remaining concerns addressed thoroughly, ensuring a smooth reverse mortgage application experience.


Thorough Processing and Reverse Mortgage Underwriting


Our dedicated processing team conducts a meticulous review of the selected reverse mortgage loan program to guarantee that our clients make well-informed decisions. Once the application, complete file, and appraisal are compiled, they undergo a secondary review by our underwriting team. This meticulous process ensures accuracy and compliance with all California regulations.


Empowering Seniors Through Reverse Mortgage Education


Above all, our mission is to help older homeowners find the ideal solution for their unique needs. We firmly believe in the power of education, offering straightforward, objective information, and providing answers to empower our clients. At Accurate Reverse Mortgage Corp., we are dedicated to serving the reverse mortgage and home equity needs of the senior community in California with integrity, transparency, and a steadfast commitment to their financial well-being.


As a leading reverse mortgage company in California, we strive to optimize our services to meet the needs of our clients, providing comprehensive consumer safeguards and a streamlined process. Trust Accurate Reverse Mortgage Corp. for your reverse mortgage needs in California.


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Reverse Mortgage Safeguards and Process

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