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San Marcos, California homeowners have enjoyed a significant rise in property values in recent years and decades. If you've owned your home anywhere in California for a while, there's a good chance you've built up substantial equity. With inflation affecting various aspects of life, today many individuals are exploring reverse mortgages as a way to access some of their San Marcos home's wealth. If you're seeking a genuine specialist in reverse mortgage strategies, we encourage you to reach out and contact us. We're conveniently located in San Diego and eager to have a conversation with you.  John Correll is a veteran of the mortgage industry with over 25 years experience and has dedicated his career exclusively to reverse mortgages for well over the past decade.  John has been very successful in San Marcos and is available to chat by phone or even schedule an in-home consultation.


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About San Marcos California


San Marcos, located in the heart of North County San Diego, is a city that has a population of around 94,000 as of 2022.  San Marcos offers a blend ofnatural beauty with modern conveniences just north of major urban city of San Diego. The city is known for its mild Mediterranean climate create which offers the perfect backdrop for outdoor adventures, including hiking, biking, and exploring the many parks that dot the landscape. Home to California State University San Marcos, the city also boasts a diverse and dynamic population. With its commitment to sustainability and a rich cultural scene, San Marcos is a welcoming and thriving community that captures the essence of Southern California living.

Five popular things to see and do in San Marcos, California:

  1. Double Peak Park: Experience breathtaking panoramic views of San Marcos and the surrounding areas from the summit of Double Peak Park. It's a great spot for hiking, picnicking, and taking in stunning sunsets.
  2. Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park: Explore the historic adobe buildings and beautifully landscaped gardens of this former ranch. It's a peaceful place to learn about the history of the area and enjoy a leisurely stroll.
  3. San Marcos Creek and Discovery Lake: These natural areas offer opportunities for birdwatching, fishing, and scenic walks along picturesque lakeside trails. It's a serene escape from the city's hustle and bustle.
  4. Restaurant Row: Discover a variety of dining options along Restaurant Row, where you can savor delicious cuisine and enjoy outdoor patios. It's a culinary hotspot with options for every palate.
  5. California State University San Marcos: Take a walk around the campus of CSU San Marcos, known for its beautiful architecture, public art installations, and scenic surroundings. It's a great place for a leisurely stroll or to catch a cultural event.

Real Estate Market Sets Stage For Reverse Mortgages in San Marcos

In San Marcos, the real estate market and home values present a unique opportunity for older homeowners who want to tap into part of their home equity through a reverse mortgage. These specialized loans are specifically designed for older homeowners who want to access a portion of their home's value while retaining ownership and residency. Funds from a reverse mortgage can be used for various purposes, whether it's meeting essential financial needs, embarking on exciting new adventures, or enhancing their retirement lifestyle.

Residents of San Marcos have the chance to discover the advantages of reverse mortgages and make well-informed decisions that align with their long-term goals. John Correll, a trusted expert at Accurate Reverse Mortgage, takes pride in his role as a dedicated specialist in reverse mortgages. He offers convenient in-home appointments to residents in San Marcos and throughout Southern California.

If you're interested in learning more about how a reverse mortgage could benefit you or wish to explore your options, we encourage you to reach out to us at (619) 294-9820 or (888) 603-1550. John Correll and his team are here to provide the guidance and information you need when taking a look at a reverse mortgage for yourself.


Exploring San Marcos and California Reverse Mortgage Loan Programs

If you're age 55 or older and a homeowner in San Marcos or anywhere in California, you have a range of dynamic loan options to consider. Accurate Reverse Mortgage Corp., based in San Diego County, is your trusted source for reverse mortgage solutions, serving the needs of seniors throughout the entire state of California. Explore these pages to learn more about the diverse reverse mortgage loan programs we provide.

Discover the HECM Home Equity Conversion Mortgage - Reverse Mortgage in San Marcos California

This page provides information about the HECM - Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, which is the most popular and widely used type of reverse mortgage.

Discover the Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Choice in San Marcos and California

Across California and San Marcos, there are a substantial number of high-value homes that surpass the lending limit set by HUD for the FHA-insured HECM reverse mortgage. This page will explore the Jumbo Reverse Mortgage, which provides loan amounts of up to $4 million offering a dynamic solution for upscale real estate prices.

Dyanmic and Flexible Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit in San Marcos and California

In cases where funds are not immediately required at closing, there's a reverse mortgage loan proceeds payout alternative called a line-of-credit. Learn more about this flexible and dynamic approach to accessing funds when you need them in the future, all while starting with a lower loan balance.

Explore Home Purchases via Reverse Mortgages in San Marcos, CA

Discover how a reverse mortgage can serve as a unique homebuying tool, offering benefits distinct from traditional mortgages. Explore the advantages of Reverse For Purchase on this page.

All the reverse mortgage loan choices mentioned above are offered statewide in California

Group of California Seniors Hiking Enjoying a Reverse Mortgage

Explore Potential Financial Freedom with a Reverse Mortgage in San Marcos, CA


Are you a homeowner in beautiful San Marcos, California or anywhere in the state and are seeking a smart financial strategy which could enhance your retirement years? Well look no further than a reverse mortgage, designed to cater to the specific needs of older homeowners.   It might prove to be worth your time to explore further.


 Here are five compelling reasons to consider a reverse mortgage in San Marcos:


  1. Unlock Home Equity: A reverse mortgage allows older homeowners to access part of the equity they've built in their home, transforming it into a valuable financial resource for various purposes, from home improvements to travel adventures.
  2. Freedom from Monthly Mortgage Payments*: Say goodbye to the stress of monthly mortgage payments. With a reverse mortgage, the borrower can enjoy retirement without the burden of ongoing mortgage expenses, freeing up the budget for other essentials or leisure activities.  *Please note borrower(s) still must pay ongoing home expenses like property taxes, homeowner's insurance and hoa dues (if any) plus maintenance expenses while they live in the home as their primary residence.
  3. Maintain Homeownership: The reverse mortgage borrower can continue living in their residence without any plans for selling or relocating. The home remains titled in the borrowers name as long as they meet the loan requirements, ensuring their comfort and security in the home they love.
  4. Flexible Disbursement Options: Choose from a range of payout alternatives, including a lump sum, regular monthly payments, or a line of credit, all tailored to align with your individual financial objectives and lifestyle preferences.
  5. Enhanced Financial Security: A reverse mortgage can serves as a valuable financial safety net, offering peace of mind throughout retirement. It could provide the financial stability to uphold the San Marcos and California lifestyle and handle unexpected expenses confidently with additional funds from the reverse mortgage.

Let's have a conversation about your retirement goals and what a reverse mortgage may be able to do for you.

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John Correll, CRMP began his mortgage lending career in 1995 and has a wealth of experience to help explain what can seem to be a complex home equity product in simple and easy to understand terms.

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