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Thank you for visiting our page about El Cajon, California and reverse mortgages in this beautiful city in San Diego County. A little about us:  Accurate Reverse Mortgage Corp is a local San Diego County reverse mortgage company serving El Cajon and all of the great state of California.

If you are looking for a true specialist in reverse mortgages you have come to the right place.

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Turning Home Equity into Opportunity: El Cajon's Local Source for Reverse Mortgages


In El Cajon, home equity is like a special treasure for local homeowners. People here have worked hard to improve their homes over time, and this has made their homes more valuable. In recent years, El Cajon and all of California have witnessed tremendous home price appreciation.  This increased value has created for many a lot of home equity, and it's like having extra money saved up in the wealth of your home. Many older homeowner's have turned to a reverse mortgage as a tool to help access a portion of that home equity wealth. Accurate Reverse Mortgage Corp. is a local San Diego company that specializes exclusively in reverse mortgages.  The company founder, John Correll, has decades of experience in the mortgage industry and holds the designation of CRMP - which stands for Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional.  We invite you to give John Correll a call and discuss what a reverse mortgage might do for you.  We can talk on the phone or John is happy to come visit you in your home in El Cajon or across Southern California.     


Exploring Reverse Mortgages in El Cajon, California

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About El Cajon California


Life in El Cajon offers a blend of suburban tranquility and vibrant community with the joys of a southern California lifestyle. Located in east county San Diego, El Cajon has a population of around 106,000 according to 2020 data. This city boasts a laid-back atmosphere that resonates throughout its tree-lined streets and welcoming neighborhoods. El Cajon residents enjoy a sense of close-knit camaraderie, where friendly interactions with neighbors are a common occurrence. Across the city you can find local farmers' markets to community events. 



Some of the popular place to see and visit  in El Cajon include: Mount Helix ParkOlaf Wieghorst Museum and Western Heritage CenterCajon SpeedwayGillespie Field Airport and the Knox House Museum. The El Cajon area is filled with natural beauty and offers  hiking trails, parks, and scenic spots, providing a perfect balance between outdoor recreation and urban convenience. 


El Cajon Real Estate Offers a Potential Reverse Mortgage Opportunity

In El Cajon, CA, there are many different kinds of homes to choose from, ranging from cozy houses to beautiful ones surrounded by hills. If you own a home here and want some extra money for your retirement or unexpected expenses, one option is something called a reverse mortgage. This loan choice can offer a way for older homeowners to use some of the the value of their homes to access money without having to make monthly mortgage payments.  (Note: borrower does need to continue to live in the home, pay ongoing property charges like property taxes, homeowners insurance and maintenance expenses during the life of the loan) John Correll at Accurate Reverse Mortgage prides himself in being a "true specialist" in reverse mortgages and offers in-home appointments in El Cajon and Southern California.  If you are looking to educate yourself about what a reverse mortgage might do, we invite you to give John a call.  John Correll has been successful in helping many El Cajon homeowners in obtaining a reverse mortgage for themselves. 


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Reverse Mortgage Loan Programs in El Cajon and California

With robust home values, El Cajon as well as the entire state of California offer a unique opportunity for homeowners in retirement and on a fixed income.  A reverse mortgage has proven to be successful for many in El Cajon who want to access some of their home's equity. Accurate Reverse Mortgage Corp. is a trusted Reverse Mortgage Company located  in San Diego County. Here is a brief overview of some of the dynamic reverse mortgage loan programs we offer older homeowners in El Cajon as well as all of California

HECM Reverse Mortgage in El Cajon and California

This page dives into the most widespread version of reverse mortgages:  The HECM.  This option requires at least one borrower be age 62.  Learn more about what is a HOME EQUITY CONVERSION MORTAGE.

Access Funds with a Dynamic Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit in El Cajon California

Funds from a reverse mortgage can be drawn as a lump sum at closing in one single disbursement.  Or funds can be taken over time in a series of monthly disbursements.  Arguably the most popular and flexible is the line-of-credit which this page take a deeper look at.  Learn more about a reverse mortgage line-of-credit.

Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Loan Option to Unlock Higher Valued Properties in El Cajon and California

Have a higher valued home in El Cajon or California?  Perhaps you should consider what a Jumbo Reverse Mortgage might do with its ability to offer reverse mortgages up $4 million loan amounts.

El Cajon Reverse For Purchase: Buying a Home With a Reverse Mortgage in El Cajon and California

Older homeowners have an exciting loan option designed to purchase a home using the power of a reverse mortgage.  Learn more about Reverse For Purchase.

We are licensed to provide reverse mortgages across the entire state of California.

4 Reasons Reverse Mortgages Are Popular in El Cajon and California


1. Financial Flexibility: Reverse mortgages offer borrowers the flexibility to access a portion their home's equity as a source of funds without having to sell their property during the life of the reverse mortgage thru a maturity event such as death*. This can be especially beneficial for covering everyday expenses, medical bills, or other financial needs.


2. Aging in Place: Most older homeowners if asked will tell you that they prefer to stay in their own homes as they age. Reverse mortgages can allow many to do so while also tapping into their home's value to support their living expenses or home modifications that enhance their quality of life.


3. No Monthly Mortgage Payments*: One of the biggest reasons that reverse mortgages are popular is that borrowers typically don't have to make monthly mortgage payments. This can ease financial burdens for retirees and offer peace of mind, as long as they continue meeting certain requirements such as continuing to pay ongoing property taxes and homeowners insurance.*


4. Loan Choice Flexibility: Reverse mortgages come in various forms, including the Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs) and private proprietary reverse mortgages. This variety allows homeowners to choose the option that best suits their financial goals and situation.  There is also flexibility in how to receive funds:  lump sum, term or lifetime payments and a dynamic line-of-credit feature.


* For the reverse mortgage to remain in good standing at least one borrower must continue to occupy the property as their primary residence, pay ongoing home expenses such as property taxes, homeowner's insurance bills and home maintenance expenses   Failure to do so would result in a maturity event and call the loan payable.  However if borrower does those items there are no required monthly mortgage payments.



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California Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional John Correll CRMP

John Correll, CRMP offers in-home appointments in El Cajon, San Diego County and Southern California

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As a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP), I personally have committed myself exclusively to reverse mortgages and delivering an exceptional experience to every client.

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John Correll is proud to serve the San Diego area and all of California. If you are looking to educate yourself on reverse mortgages, I'm here to help explore this dynamic loan choice tailored for older homeowners.

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John Correll, CRMP began his mortgage lending career in 1995 and has a wealth of experience to help explain what can seem to be a complex home equity product in simple and easy to understand terms.

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